Clarity has created and distributed millions of pre and post-enrollment kits for health plans. Clarity has created a workflow that is fully automated and traceable and allows users to manage the integration of their data, documents and designs to create highly complex and variable output.
  • Dynamic library that allows for the direct uploading of documents and the assignment of attributes (i.e. print in color, print on a particular stock).
  • Design manager that allows for kit designs to be created on the fly pulling in the appropriate documents or artwork to create a consolidated bound kit. Consolidate what were independent mailings into one booklet.
  • Version control to assure traceably of document workflow and compliance.
  • Kits can be personalized at a group or individual level, pulling in appropriate variables from data files.
  • Materials can be printed on demand and matched with static inventoried items through dynamic production manifests.
  • Ability to control production to take advantage of most cost effective postage services.
  • Clarity can create a complete program that enables “opt-in website” behavior for members to select receiving their member kit electronically through email or web presentment – saving on production and postage costs.