The convenience and ubiquitous availability of electronic versions of member communications are prompting health plans to rethink the default practice of providing materials in print.

Clarity allows for the electronic delivery (e-Delivery) of all communications that it dynamically composes, giving clients the option to print only some pieces, print none, or to print only those requested by the member. Offering electronic versions of member materials for easy access, download or printing from the portal takes advantage of the proliferation of mobile devices to make materials available, anytime, anywhere.

The Clarity solution maintains electronic images of each communication and integrates them with health plan portals and mobile applications so the communication can be rendered to a recipient in real-time. The electronic version can be sent to the member via email, sent via a link to the portal in an email, or viewed and downloaded directly from the portal.

Communications may also be distributed to mobile applications via the Clarity solution. Clarity will also facilitate other workflow options, such as a prompt for the member to select their preferred method of receiving materials (opt out/opt in).


e-Delivery of member materials offers significant advantages: 

  • Reduces or eliminates print and mailing costs.
  • Allows for 24x7 access to member materials.
  • Offered for all communications: ID cards, Kits, EOBs, Statements, SBCs, etc.
  • Documents can be saved locally, printed locally, emailed or faxed.
  • Access is secure and instantaneous; single sign-on supported.
  • Approach is environmentally conscious.
  • Clients can track adoption through detailed reporting.