The Clarity Solution manages all your benefit summaries in a central, online document library, allowing the creation of plan specific and uniformly designed templates on demand by integrating your variable data. A simple, online interface allows you to archive previous versions, create new designs and order SBCs in real time. The Clarity Solution keeps you compliant.

Clarity incorporates the HHS uniform template and integrates your system data to create the necessary plan specific designs required by your pre and post-enrollees. The web application easily allows your staff to create design changes on the fly to meet timely distribution requirements for sales, renewals, plan changes or on demand member requests. The benefits:

  • Fast, efficient, flexible benefit summary design.
  • Maintains your compliance with document regulations such as font, length and formatting.
  • Integrates with your data to minimize the need to maintain 100's or 1,000's of benefit summary designs.
  • Multichannel distribution to pre and post-enrollees in print or electronically (integration to your member portal or email).
  • Bulk ordering to support sales activity.