Letter Correspondence

The Clarity Solution manages all your letter correspondence in a secure online application, allowing the creation of plan and member specific letter templates that are combined with variable data. A simple, online interface allows you to archive previous versions, create new designs and stay compliant with distribution turn-time requirements.
  • Letters can be built and managed within the application without requiring base-level documents.
  • All changes are detailed through audit trails for history and compliance.
  • Every letter can be viewed in the online repository along with mail date information for regulatory requirements.
  • Letter content can be dynamically created based on business rule processing allowing
    for fewer letter templates to be managed over time.
  • Letters can be a combination of highly, dynamic variable information and static content.
  • Multichannel distribution in print or electronically (integration to your member portal
    or email).
  • Letters are printed on demand with full color capability to point out pertinent information
    to members.