Capitalizing on transactional documents (invoices, bills or statements) to develop brand recognition, promote products and services, and convey a commitment to member service is becoming widely-recognized as being
highly effective.

Enhancing transactional customer information such as how much someone owes in an invoice with how to elect online EOBs to be environmentally conscience, combines 1-to-1 marketing in your most-frequently delivered and highly-consumed communications. It is a perfect opportunity to change your member’s perception of you from service provider and money collector to a preferred partner who understands their needs.

Clarity has designed a comprehensive and robust solution that leverages your current business practices and systems to make the production process efficient and targeted. The solution is available at anytime, anywhere through an easy to use online interface. Whether you are producing invoices, bills, or statements, Clarity will partner with you to evaluate your needs and design a custom solution that enables you to get the right information to your customers, at the right time, at the right cost. Clarity’s solution gives you the flexibility to incorporate transactional data and marketing information on the fly, creating effective, transpromotional documents.

  • Transactional documents that meet regulatory requirements.
  • Greater up-sell and cross-sell opportunities by providing customized marketing that will demonstrate the value of the relationship with your customer.
  • Enhanced customer service by providing your call center with exact online representations of material received by your customers.
  • Improved customer satisfaction and reduced call-center traffic with easier-to-read and understand documents.
  • Quicker implementation and management of new document templates and targeted marketing messages.
  • The ability to view documents pre-and post-production online to ensure your information is correct before it is sent and the ability to override data.
  • Output your documents to all media – print, online, email – and save on distribution, storage and obsolescence costs.