Explanation of Benefits (EOBs)

The Clarity Solution manages all your explanation of benefits (EOBs) in a secure online application, allowing the creation of plan and member specific EOB templates that are combined with variable data.

A simple, online interface allows you to archive previous versions, create new designs and stay compliant with distribution turn-time requirements. The process supports both print and electronic distribution for members. EOBs across all lines of business are supported, including commercial or government programs (i.e.,Medicare).

  • Fast, efficient, flexible EOB designs that users can change on the fly.
  • All changes are detailed through audit trails for history and compliance.
  • EOB content can be dynamically created based of business rule processing allowing for few letter templates to be managed over time.
  • Multichannel distribution to pre and post-enrollees in print or electronically (integration to your member portal or email).
  • EOBs are printed on demand with full color capability to point out pertinent information.

Once a variable EOB program is established, members can elect to have EOBs delivered electronically. Clarity’s solution allows for a transparent process that supports the transition of an intense paper-driven process to an environmentally and cost conscious alternative. When new EOBs are processed, members can be notified with an email to drive traffic to the member portal. With e-Delivery of EOBs, health plans can migrate to a paperless process that saves costs related to postage, print and paper and can enhance the member experience.